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At Vantus™ we proudly offer a wide array of outdoor landscape construction and maintenance services. If you're looking to alter your landscaping or outdoor property in any way CONTACT us today. We'd love to meet with you to see what we can do to help make your outdoor property dreams come true!

---> Just looking for some inspiration? Have a look at our GREEN ROOFS GALLERY below to take in some visuals of projects we've completed in the past. Be sure to CLICK on the photos to get the inside scoop of what went on at these jobs and where they are located!


'At Vantus, it is our mission to provide year-round solutions for outdoor property issues and fulfill dreams through the design, (re)build and maintenance of sustainable landscapes and eco-friendly green roofs...'


'... it is our vision to be the leading go-to solution for those looking to make their outdoor property dreams, a reality.


We strive to be well-known for our sustainable, eco-friendly, high-quality workmanship and project efficiency.'

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